The Father gives, gives, and forgives...



"Recuerda me."

A song from an animated movie entitled Coco. One of the lessons presented was the importance of remembering.

"One of the basic differences between God and man is, God gives, gives and forgives. But man gets, gets and forgets."

This difference we see in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

The father gave and forgave but the sons got and forgot.

The father gave the younger son his share of the family's property when he asked for it. 

The younger son got what he asked. But he disrespected the father because he was still alive; implied that he wanted to forget the father.

He was not grateful at all. He squandered his share of the property.

Only later that he remembered his father when he was in dire need. So, he returned to his father and asked for forgiveness. The father forgave him and restored him back to the family.

The father gave the elder son, though implicitly, his share of the family's property.

When later on, the elder son protested he because he was not given a kid goat to feast on with his friends, the father said, "Everything I have is yours."

He refused to forgive his younger brother and called him, "This son of yours," instead of "My brother." 

He disrespected also his father but he was forgiven. The father came out and pleaded with him  to come and to celebrate.

Lent is a time of remembering and renewing that we are children of God, Our Father. It is a time where we sharpen our memory of God who is generous in forgiveness. "Taste and see how good GOD is."