A Meaningful Day of Remembering the 150th Year of St. Candida's Inspiration

April 2, 2019 Cebu, Philippines


"How do you want to be remembered?" This was a springboard for reflection that our Mass presider, Rev Fr. Virgilio Pedrano, has asked the faithful assembly during the Holy Mass that commenced Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus family celebration of the day that marked the 150th Year of Remembering the Inspiration that our dear Mother Foundress received in El Rosarillo.


Fr. Virgillio pointed out the importance of solid foundation to bring about authentic, fruitful, positive, and lasting impact to people in the present and next generation. He stressed the importance of listening to God in building a solid foundation that is attuned to the Divine will in our life.

Just like St. Candida Maria de Jesus, she was able to enter into intimacy with God for she kept an open heart that was docile to the Inspiration that God wills for her. Because of such openness to Divine Inspiration, Mother Foundress continues to touch and transform lives up to this day. This reflection beautifully vibrated with the message from the lives shared by the invited resource persons during the Vocation Talk that follows the Eucharistic Celebration. The Vocation Talk was participated in by the Grades 7 -12 students.

The speakers talked about the three Christian vocation, namely: single blessedness, priesthood, and married life. Mr. Jayson T. Vergara shared the importance of a strong prayer life in finding joy in his single blessedness. He emphasized that prayer gives him the sustenance to be generous in serving the Church as a single person. He shared that prayer nurtures his connection with his Greatest Friend - God, making him more discerning in the decisions he makes in his daily life.

Rev. Fr. Joriz F. Calsa, SDB., talked about his early awareness of his vocation as priest, born from an experience of serendipity, an unexpected religious experience from being an acolyte in church. His awareness of being called to serve God at a tender age brought him joyful anticipation to enter the seminary. He said that an experience of God in one's life is an experience of eternity. He pointed out, however, that this experience of God does not give complete guarantee that everything will go well. He shared that God in His wisdom and grace writes our lives in crooked lines. It is when we reach rock bottom that we fully realize our deep need for God.

Mr. Oscar M. Aliño and Mrs. Cristita V. Aliño presented the reality of married life as a call to deeper intimacy with God who calls us to conversion and forgiveness. The gift of marriage as vocation is the lifelong journey to accept, love, forgive, find joy, and grow together as persons despite imperfections.

The Day of Remembering culminated with faith sharing sessions among the teachers and staff. We shared the experience of fraternal and filial spirit in school which become our source of inspiration, keeping our commitment to the mission that Mother Candida through the Hijas sisters shared with us. A simple Agape closed the beautiful and meaningful Celebration of the Day of Remembering.

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