The Blessing of "El Rosarillo" Building at Manresa

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     A fitting memory for the 150 years of the inspiration as "El Rosarillo"was the blessing of the new Hijas de Jesus Multi-purpose Center, called the El Rosarillo Building.


     In the afternoon of April 2, people gathered for the blessing of this building.  If Mother Foundress was watching from above, she would have found joy in those who came - the Comboni missionaries, Fr. Ignacio Marin, Fr. John Taneburgo, Fr. Mario Pacheco, Fr. Moises Estacio, and Fr. Edgar Vizcarra, great friends and priests who have said mass for us at the Manresa Retreat House for many years, members of the Kalakbay Ministry, led by Sr. Aurora Chua, Cristopher Lagong, Yvette Lacap and Alvin Lao, their friends and associates, the sisters from the compound, Manila residence and the formation house of Asia Oriental, and the workers - the lay collaborators of the Manresa Retreat House, Tahanan and Mater Dei,  Engr. Ong, his son, Engr. Joshua, and the construction workers who made this building a reality.

      We had a simple blessing and then sharing of food and stories.  It was a happy occasion, which is as it should be, when we remember something that has continued to give life and joy to the Congregation.

The Prayer service inside the conference room/chapel...

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