We continue with the journey


Rome, 20 May 2019

Today we have continued our work, with personal reflection throughout most of the morning and assembly at the end of it and in the afternoon. And we ended the day by celebrating the Eucharist with Claudio Paul SJ., from Brazil, Regional Assistant for Southern Latin America. He has focused his words from the word "humility," beginning with what we said in the psalm: "Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your name give the glory."

And referring to the 1st reading, which shows how people get confused and attribute to Pablo and Barnabas things that don’t correspond to them ... And sometimes we can fall into the same thing: in believing in things that do not correspond to us. And we are asked to live the truth of our life and enter into the profound truth of the relationship between the Father and the Son, as Jesus says in the Gospel, without believing ourselves to be very important or the center of the world.

We ended by asking that we know how to live from gratuitousness and generosity, knowing that everything comes from God.

It is something that we extend to each and every one of those who keep accompanying us on a daily basis ...