Closing of GC XVIII and Sending

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Rome, May 22 2019

Simplicity and truth. This is what can be drawn from the words of Graciela Francovig, Superior General, this afternoon at the close of GC XVIII.

Memory and gratitude. It is what floated in the air at the hall when listening to them.

Audacity and courage. It is what we feel that the Spirit transmits to us, the one that has accompanied us throughout the lived process, from the EE to today.

Communion and belonging. It is what we experience as grace poured out on us and on the congregation

Diversity and union. It is what fills our lives with color in multiple places, circumstances, what gives the world its wealth.

Sending and blessing. It is what we have lived in the Eucharist this afternoon. God sending each one of us, through our own sisters. God blessing each one of us to be a blessing to the world.

Something has ended. But today everything begins. We encounter ourselves in life, being salt and light, being our best selves. Being together with so many brothers and sisters, kneading dreams, walking together, building the Kingdom.