F.I. Sisters Join an Outreach Day to the Aetas Families in Porac, Pampanga

1. Reach out

Sisters Esther Lapitan, Felicidad de Jesus and Marivi Eceizabarena joined a group of lay people led by Mrs. Zenaida Ang and Mrs. Delia Ferrer in going to three Aetas villages in Pio Porac, Pampanga.

They spent the whole with the Aestas families, bonding with them and giving them gifts of rice, canned goods and noodles, clothes and toys for children. About five hundred Aetas were able to enjoy the bountiful blessings of that day.

The IP leaders and the beneficiaries were deeply grateful for these gestures of love. The sisters and benefactors and friends, in turn, felt joy at this encounter. They went home with hearts filled with gladness and thanks to the Lord for a wonderful experience of his love and presence throughout the day.

4. Reach out

Giving of gifts to the Aetas...


3. reach out

Sr. Marivi with an Aeta woman so greateful for the blessings received


2. Reach out

Sr. Fely, Sr. Marivi and outreach staff with Aetas Leaders who welcome and help organize the activity