"Special Offer"



Special Offer!

We find it in products sold or services offered.

It gives benefits or advantage to those who avail.

Jesus offers the disciples a life of grace and blessing.

At the time of Jesus' imminent departure, He invites them to remain in Him using the image of the vine and branches.

Jesus is the true vine. His disciples are the branches. Only in remaining in the vine the branches live, grow and bear fruits. Apart from the vine, the branches are nothing.

CONNECT with Jesus.

Yes, there are certain things that detach us from our attachment with Jesus. Sometimes, people question God why problems seem to have no solutions; questions leading to doubts because there are no definite answers; hurts that are not healed, etc.

The truth is, God does something for us and all we see is nothing because we detached ourselves from Him.

Jesus invites us to remain in Him. His words, being the VINE, for us are:

* Virtues help us live life according to God's plan, like a life of faith, hope & love.

* Intimate: He speaks of His intimacy with the Father that we too may be intimately connected with God.

* Necessary: Jesus' words are absolutely needed. He said it, "Without God we are nothing."

* Eternal: Jesus leads us to eternal life. Simon Peter said, "You have the words of eternal life."

Like a Wi-Fi, without connection, one cannot search information or engaged in social communication.

May God be with you.

May God remain in you!