Lovers Everyday

        It seems to me that this is the first particular aspect of the Missionary Spirituality I presented in general terms last January. Naturally this implies our letting God embrace us in his love day after day; in fact, the love that we have or may have for others, is nothing more than the expression of God’s love we experience in the depth of ourselves. I am convinced that without this experience, we cannot have deep and lasting love for others, especially when it is a matter of love as forgiveness. How many times I have forgiven a person because I felt forgiven by God!


          Love is our call and love is our answer. Maybe what we can do in our love for others is not a matter of great things, but I believe that, as one of my spiritual directors used to say: ‘Nothing is small when the heart is big’. Some moments of prayer for those who are persecuted, a word of encouragement addressed to a person who is downcast, a helping hand given to somebody who is in need, an act of forgiveness, can do much more than what we can imagine.