Until We Meet Again, Shotoku!

1. Farewell

Before leaving Japan, Sr. Marianita, who is now assigned back to the Philippines, was asked by the one in-charge of the Alumni Association Newsletter of Shotoku High School to write some of her thoughts of her missionary experience in the school. We share them with you.

2. shotoku

Shotoku, while no longer ours, continues to be a part of the Candida Maria Family, which the Shotoku community deeply desires. Every year Shotoku has interaction with our schools in the Philippines, especially Manresa and Sacred Heart. We ask the Lord to bless Sr. Marianita as she continues her religious-apostolic journey in the Philippines, and for Shotoku, that it continues to favor this beloved vineyard of the Lord now totally in the hands of committed lay collaborators.

Until We Meet Again, Shotoku!

       The first time I came to Matsue was in March, 1995. I joined the other nine Hijas de Sisters who were working in our school, which was then called Shotoku Jogakuin. The next nine years, I taught English Conversation Classes to Junior and Senior High School students, prepared English speech contestants and helped in the Cross Cultural Course. Then in 2004, I was given a new assignment - to accompany Filipino migrants in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture. It lasted for seven years.

       The second time I came to Shotoku was in March, 2011. With two other Japanese sisters, we tried to collaborate in the school, now called Shotoku Gakuin. For the next six years, I taught English Conversation in Junior and Senior High, trained speech contestants and facilitated the Catholic Kenshu Club.

The fifteen years I spent in Shotoku was my toughest challenge as a missionary as I tried to learn the Japanese language, teach Japanese students and live in a purely Japanese environment. Shotoku teachers and students taught me a lot - to be always on time, give one’s best in what one does, value hard work and discipline, cleanliness and orderliness, sense of duty and refinement and love for nature.

        Thank you, Shotoku for giving me the chance to be part of your life and making me grow into a person open to the world. Together with the Sisters, and even now that we are not there anymore, I could see how you try your best to make alive Mother Candida’s educative family, one that values intercultural exchange, international understanding and cooperation, all expressions of fraternity and universality which are part of our Foundress’ charism. Indeed, Shotoku has been a “pioneer, a bridge” between the Philippines and Japan, as well as with our schools in Taiwan, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Dominican Republic.

Last but not the least, in every Shotoku faculty I worked with, and in every student I taught, I found true and loving friends that I will treasure all my life. I will carry you in my heart and pray for each one, always. Among friends, there are no “goodbyes” only, “until we meet again”, and so I say, “See you all in the Philippines!”  


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5. graduation    6. Sisters

Sisters who were assigned in Matsue, with Kajita Sensei