“Tayo na: we JUANA stand, we JUANA go together in one Shared Mission.”


August 9, 2019

Cebu City, Philippines – the festive climate in Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus is electrifying as everyone is in one mind, heart, and spirit, celebrating the feast day of our Mother Foundress – St. Candida Maria de Jesus.





A Eucharistic Celebration opens the feast day where students offer their commitment to stand and move together with our dear Mother Foundress, Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola. Ever since her youth, Juana’s heart has always been filled with joy as she is intimate with God as Father, her bringing joy to others, especially the poor, came naturally from her.




Sharing with mother Foundress’ commitment and joy, the whole educative family blends youthful gladness into the celebration of the feast day. The day unfolds with the students and pupils playing various games using their chits in exchange for the goods that they voluntarily bring in for the poor, such as: first aid and hygiene kits, biscuits, noodles, and canned goods. These goods will be shared to beneficiaries from public schools, househelpers-students in our Alternative Learning System, parishioners, and other identified individuals from the locality.



High school students put up simple but cool game booths for younger pupils and students to play which add attraction and fun during the whole celebration. Grades 1-3 also watch a meaningful movie that emphasizes moral values highlighting Mother Foundress’ selflessness and her invitation for us to share in one mission. A group of students and teachers also cook omelet for anyone who wants to share food to a hungry brother or sister.



A short processing of students’ experiences during the feast day is facilitated by the homeroom advisers. Then a simple lunch meal is shared among faculty and staff. A faith sharing among the school personnel culminates the celebration. We, as one expanded family of Mother Candida, enflesh the theme of the celebration: “Tayo na: we JUANA stand, we JUANA go together in one Shared Mission.”