stronger than death

Our missionary spirituality asks us to consider life as a pilgrimage towards our final home, the Kingdom of Heaven. This implies living life according to God’s plan of salvation which the first human beings betrayed, causing death to enter the world.

Jesus saved humankind and continues saving it, not eliminating death, but giving it a new meaning.

 The question is: How do we look at death? In today’s world we find different attitudes.

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There is the attitude of those who hide death. “Better not to think about it”, they say. In this way they never reflect about the supreme moment of life and they don’t prepare themselves to living with serenity the event of death; in this way the relationships which constitute the context of life are distorted: relationship with God, with oneself, with creation and relationships with others. To hide death, the dying persons and the funerals are entrusted more and more to specialized persons and agencies in charge of taking care of every detail. Funerals are often distorted because of songs, speeches, gestures and other things which have little or nothing to do with the real meaning of life and death.

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There is the attitude of those who, even if they think about death, do not worry. “After all, they say, we must die and we do not have to be preoccupied because after death there is nothing.


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There is the attitude of those who are terrorized at the thought of death, because they consider God as an extremely demanding judge, and think about a possible eternal condemnation.

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There is eventually the attitude of great trust, thanks to Jesus and to our faith in him.The following passages are of great inspiration: Jn 6:26-28; Jn 11:17-27; Jn 4:1-4

We must however prepare ourselves to encounter death with various exercises:      

Through a continuous experience of God’s love for us, which is the source of eternal life. The French writer, Gabriel Marcel, has a beautiful expression: “To tell a person ‘I love you’ means to tell that person ‘You will never die.” For God this expression has an infinite value.

Giving and receiving love everyday so as to become so rich to be able to say “My tomb will be too small to contain my love; I will rise again.” (Valentino Salvoldi)

Exercising detachment from earthly things, even from life itself.

Considering death as the beautiful moment of our encounter face to face with the merciful Lord.

Considering the time which is ahead of us as rich with the presence of God who leads us to fullness of life.

Inspiring people with our positive attitudes towards death.

Looking at Mary and all the saints present in the glorious kingdom of God and giving us this message: “Where we are there you are called to be.”

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Truly love is stronger than death and we look forward to the time when death will be no more; as the Bible says: “God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; there will be no more death, and no more mourning or sadness.” (Rev 21:3-4)