August 4 – 9, 2019

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Living out the spirituality and charism of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus through a week-long celebration made the Marisians commemorate Saint Candida’s feast day in the most deserving way.


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It started with a special mass sponsored by SMADAA (Alumni Association) last August 4. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Fr. Emmanuel Bong Gonzaga held at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish and solemnly participated by the faculty, staff, maintenance, parents and alumni. Snacks were served at the schools’ blue tables area after.


There was a 3-day Triduum Prayer for Saint Candida Maria de Jesus from August 6 up to 8 prepared by the Pastoral team.

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For August 8, the teachers and students planned their activities for that special day in order to appreciate one’s giftedness. It was through an encounter with the religious (Grade 3 students’ visit to the Kuya Seminarians to be as their praying angels); with the less fortunate (Grades 1 to 9 students’ Day with our Friends from Elipidio Quirino Elementary school); and with the differently abled brothers and sisters (Grade 10 students for the physically handicapped visitors and Senior High School students for the visitors from Balay Pasilungan).

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There was a short program to welcome the guests and enjoyed some parlor games with them. Feeding was held at the cafeteria after. Before they went home, they received loot bags and other gifts from the students.


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Meanwhile, the pre-school department had their celebration at the Audio Visual Room in order to make the pre-school pupils know more about Saint Candida through her life story presentation and also to express their love for Mother Mary through offering of flowers in the way of Saint Candida.


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August 9 was declared a rest day for the students. On this day, the faculty, staff, and maintenance had an opportune time to celebrate the feast day through a Holy Mass presided by Msgr. Julius Rodulfa at the AVR.


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After the mass, a special activity called Prayer at the Marketplace was done per Emmaus group by going to different malls assigned to them and doing the Ignatian prayer using the Five Senses. The activity ended with the sharing of the different Emmaus groups.