Manresa School Hosts the General Assembly of DOPCASA

         5.mscollLast September 16, 2019, Manresa School hosted the General Assembly of DOPCASA (Diocese of Parañaque Catholic Schools Association, Inc.).

This year’s DOPCASA program and projects are aligned with the theme “Responding to the Challenges of the Catholic Education, Addressing the Needs of the Youth as Beloved, Gifted and Empowered”.

The gathering of forty-three (43) school heads, school owners, presidents, directresses, principals, religious and lay representatives from the member schools of DOPCASA was a rare occasion and this conveyed the message of the strong collaboration and linkages of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parañaque.




The presence of Rev. Bishop Jesse Mercado, DD gave an inspiration to all the participants. His motivating message gave direction to all the school owners and school heads most especially on the role of Catholic schools in proclaiming the Good News in all places. He encouraged everyone to strengthen the linkages and collaboration of all member schools of DOPCASA in building up the church – a communion, through sharing the many gifts of the Catholic schools to serve faithfully in the mission.

          Furthermore, he remarkably said that in the midst of many differences and challenges, the linkages can move the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Parañaque to a direction on how the youth today can be helped in this present time. It is the role of the Catholic schools to awaken the students in the awareness of God … the sense of God in their lives, and to bring the children in the awareness that they are gifted, blessed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share their gifts to others. He emphasized that DOPCASA can work together and bring together God’s love. He positively reminded everyone to bring the faith more closely to the people, to always see ourselves in the context of others, maintain what is good in ourselves, to accept that we received a call and that call moves us to the mission. 

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As Manresa family, we are ever grateful to our Loving God for witnessing this momentous event which truly gave us an affirmation that collaboration and shared mission are present in this community. This valuable encounter of God’s great love through the gifts of many persons who bring light, hope and joy has truly enlivened our spirit and it is in itself a life – promoting experience for all MANRESANS.