Extraordinary Missionary Month 2019: Nurturing the Giftedness in the Family for Christ's Mission



     Sacred Heart School- Hijas de Jesus celebrates the World Mission Sunday with the Mission-Family Fair. This is an annual tradition that is stemmed from a deep gratitude for the help that the school received from the Commission on the Propagation of Faith during its humble beginning. 

 This is also our way to collaborate with the Papal invitation to the Church evangelizing mission.


The whole school welcomed all parents, students, alumni and guests to enjoy, bond, and raise funds for the mission. The day unfolded with the eucharistic celebration, dances, games, and variety show. It is heart- wrenching to be reminded that God is a loving Father who allows us to experience trials and hardships for us to appreciate deeper His love and tap on our giftedness, enabling us to be empathize with those who are also tried by life's circumstances such as loneliness, discrimination and poverty. This necessitates us to recognize God's Providence and Lordship, and to nurture our relationship with Him with prayer and to obey His will in our lives.




The giftedness of oir young was highlighted in the different activities such as the dances in the elementary pupils field demonstration, the creativity of our young entrepreneurs from high school who set up various booths in the fair, and most of all, the multiple talents of our pupils and students that grace the variety show in the afternoon. The whole school was fired up with fun, surprises, and most of commitment and generosity to help the mission.