Google Search-Gospel Search

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Sun, Nov 3, 3:35 PM (2 days ago)
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"Google Search," through the use of internet, is what some people do when searching for information. It provides easy, convenient and automatic service.
"Gospel Search," was Jesus' way of searching sinners and saving them through His mercy like Zacchaeus' story - a story about soul-searching and soul-saving.
Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector, desired to see Jesus.
Maybe, he was not content of the information about Jesus' popularity who intended to pass through Jericho. He even wanted to see Jesus in person who was known to be friendly with sinners and tax collectors.
However, he had two problems: his stature and his status.
Zacchaeus was small in stature. He could not see Jesus because of the crowd who might have been bigger and taller than him.  So, he climbed a sycamore tree where Jesus passed by.
His status of being a tax collector, a chief, was judged as sinful by the righteous Jews during his time. Thus, he was discriminated in the society. He lost his sense of belongingness in the community being rejected.
The good news was, Jesus found him, not only on his location (up the sycamore tree) but his person. "Zacchaeus, hurry down. For today I must stay at your house," were the words of Jesus.
Zacchaeus experienced being accepted. In humility, he was regretful and sorrowful for his sins and offences. And Jesus treated him truly as a penitent.
Zacchaeus expressed it through an act of almsgiving. "Half of my possessions Lord, I will give to the poor." He, indeed, was a "penny-tenth."
Jesus forgave his sins through a gesture of welcome and acceptance. Zacchaeus received the GOSPEL!
"Google Search" provides us learning while the "Gospel Search" teaches us love.
God found us in spite of our "small stature" and "sinful status."
God LOVES you!