The Beauty of Shared Work by Lay and FI Sisters

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Beautiful and meaningful experience usually unfolds when open-hearted people come together. This was proven true when the teams of the Indico-Pacific province gathered for a joint formation meeting in Manresa Retreat House on November 29-30, 2019.




For the first time, under the leadership of  the Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda Falsis, F.I. , nine groups comprising the lay and F.I. sisters engaged in a joint formation that is geared towards a collaborative response to the calls of the 18th General Congregation.  The five provincial teams (Youth Ministry, Social Apostolate, Pastoral Vocation Ministry, Formation, Team on Economic Matters) combined forces with the four committees under the Team on Educative Action ( Academics, Formation, Economics and Personnel). The two day formation and action planning can be characterized as a beautiful, familial, and synergic encounter. 

    In the morning of Day 1, Fr. Roberto Buenconsejo, S.J. talked on the dynamics of discernment in common which helped the group especially as they made their planning.  They were able bring forth action plans that are aligned to the calls of the 18 GC within the time frame of three years.

     The teams and committees remained in jovial and free spirit  despite the seriousness of the tasks undertaken. The entire experience amplifies the beauty of the work shared by the lay and Hijas sisters. Everyone was edified with the opportunity of being able to unpack diverse gifts and use them to trudge forward heeding the calls of the 18th GC.

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