An interview with Jenny Nokrek

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An Interview with Jenny 

Q : Jenny, after you are accepted as FI formal aspirant, how do you perceive yourself different from before ?

“ I am more happy . Gradually and step by step I am able to respond to God’s inspiration to me to be in the Religious life.

What made you choose to come to the place of the Daughters of Jesus Sisters ?

“ I started to like to become a Sister since I was in class 2 and when I finished my class 10 , this desire became stronger . So one day, I approached our parish priest Fr. Simon Hacha and shared with him about it. Fr. Simon then told me that he is going to look for me a Congregation.

One day I was called by him to come to his parish which I did right away with my mother. That was the day when our parish priest arranged our meeting with Sisters Helen, Femy and Malou. While talking with the Sister , I was given the picture of St. Candida. Upon seeing it, I said with joy that I know the face on the picture and I have been praying the prayer at the back of it since I was in class 6. My younger sister has given it to me from Mymensingh. It was really a joy to know that St. Candida is the Foundress of the Daughters of Jesus. At the end of our talk , Sr. Helen invited me to the ‘ COME AND SEE ‘ program. So I went to experience it for 10 days last April 14, 2018.

I was happy of my experience in the ‘come and see’ and I told the Sisters that if I pass the government exam, I will come back to continue knowing and following God’s call in my life. I want to follow His will. I did come back last May 10. So now, it has been almost two years that I am with the Sisters . When I was asked if I like to continue the journey being a formal aspirant, I said yes and I became more happy .

There were times when I was feeling sad and discouraged because I had no companions. So I started to pray that God will send more other women to the Congregation, which He answered. Last August 18 Tanya Chambugong came followed by the coming of Lakhi Purification last October 2 this year.

Thank you very much to all of you Sisters for accepting me and for praying for me “