Greetings from the General Superior Inmaculada 2019



Rome, 8th of December, 2019

Dear Sisters:

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, we celebrate at the same time the 148 years of the birth of our Congregation in the Church. With this letter I want to draw close to each one so that we can greet and thank the Father together for so much fruitfulness and holiness received from Him in our history, which encourage us to look to the future with hope.

This is a ‘congregational day,” a family celebration, which invites us to unite among ourselves in many ways and to pray for the Congregation, for each sister, for our creative fidelity, which translates into desires to maintain the Body in its well-being

Today is a day for the Hijas de Jesus, dispersed throughout many places, to experience the gift of our vocation. On that foundational day of December 8, Father Herranz told us - to those then and to us today -: "... few in number and in quality still less, according to worldly standards ...". We must never forget these words that were in our origins. I wish that we all place ourselves next to M. Candida and those of her first companions and ours, and that today, we too, are willing to take the risk of being few in number and quality ... That we may be able to live on those dreams and M. Candida's convictions today: "God wills it", "with God I can do everything", "let us put our trust in Him, this is enough for us and we don't want anything more ...", "I would go to the ends of the earth ...", " we are His daughters and He will never abandon us. ” And other expressions that we can say in that family atmosphere that we want to live today.

The true evangelical poverty to which GCXVIII invited us was lived by Mary and experienced by Mother Candida. We feel invited to follow Jesus closely, who chose poverty for himself ... And from Him ask ourselves -how do I live poverty? What aspects of my life need conversion? I invite you to ask us these questions by looking at Jesus, to put our gaze only on Him. I am sure that by contemplating Him we will find the answer. It arises from being before the Lord and asking for the grace of ‘His way’, His style, His feelings, His poverty. That of Jesus, not of any other. There are many kinds of poverty that are not of Jesus and therefore do not lead us to live from a free and gratuitous love with others.

At the beginning of the letter I said that it is for the years of holiness that we are thankful. This day I want to communicate a piece of news that the Postulator General, Sr. Anna María Cinco, gave us: on November 14, the Special Congress of Theological Consultants of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints gave a unanimous affirmative answer to the question about the heroic exercise of virtues by the Servant of God Vicenta Guilarte Alonso. In this process the ordinary session of the Cardinals and Bishops is still lacking. We feel again the confirmation that the path that Candida Maria de Jesus left us is a path of holiness for all of us.

I ask Mary, the true Foundress of the Congregation, to attain for us from her Son the grace of poverty, to walk as simple women to meet our brothers, wherever they need us to be balm, breath, kind presence, consolation along the way, perhaps outside, where there is a lot of need, but also, we can be that within our houses and communities.