Christmas Greetings 2019 from the Provincial

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       In the silence of the manger we listen to what the Lord speaks to each one of us (Paraphrased from the message of the General Government, 2019). Jesus became man to give us life, to bring us closer to the Father and to save us from our sins. With this, is He not giving us a better life, a better way of looking at it, a better way of living? God has drawn out the BEST in us. How do we respond to such a great love?

       Is not Mother Candida drawing out the best in ourselves, too, when she said: “All those who belong to this congregation are called to be authentic daughters of Jesus”? (CFI 136)  All of us would want to be authentic Hijas de Jesus and to give the BEST of ourselves for the mission (GC 18, p 24). And we try harder.

       Let us look at the manger, my dear sisters, and allow its silence to help us embrace our weaknesses and limitations, letting His healing grace touch us. Let us rejoice in the truth that “I am a good and gifted person” and to be happy that “I am called to offer whatever I am, whatever I have and whatever I can. In the manger, Jesus enriches us with His poverty and in the process draws out the BEST in ourselves.

       Wherever we are and whatever we do, let us be the BEST of ourselves, my dear sisters. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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