In Solidarity with Taal Evacuees …

 3MaasTAALindex The MSPA (Manresa School Parents Auxiliary), BCMF (Blessed Candida Maria Foundation) and members of Manresa School joined forces in the relief operation in two barangays in Lipa Batangas and one barangay in San Jose Batangas where the evacuees from Taal were temporarily housed in shelters of the community since January 13, 2020 after the eruption of Taal volcano.


Looking back at the situation of the Taal Volcano victims, one would really feel the trauma, discomfort and sadness on what happened to their families. It was on January 23, 2020 when the Manresa School family responded to the call of reaching out to the victims of Taal volcano eruption.

There were twenty-four families of more than 100 individuals who were accommodated by the Homeowners Association in Lipa Batangas, 108 individuals who were generously housed by the neighbors in another barangay, and 80 families of more than 200 individuals who stayed in different residence and the Barangay hall in San Jose, Batangas.

Most of the evacuees expressed their traumatic experience, the sadness of not being able to save their properties and the loss of their means of livelihood. Many of the families have little kids with them and their being deprived of their education at the moment was a sad reality that they have to accept and even the loss of job of their family members made them worry a lot.

Through the good organization of the Barangay, Homeowners Association, and the Social Action Center of Lipa, Batangas, the evacuees continue to receive the relief good, food packs, water, blankets and clothing that came from different donations but it is still not enough to sustain the daily basic needs of the evacuees. The officials of Homeowners Association in Lipa expressed that since there was already a lockdown in the areas within the Taal Volcano Island, they expect more evacuees will come to be accommodated in their place. However, they remained optimistic, and hold on to prayers that the situation will soon   be addressed.

In spite of the suffering of the evacuees, they were still hopeful that they will be able to rise up from their difficult situation. The visit alone of people who gives them comfort and the on – going help from the churches and different non- government agencies enable them to be strong and patient.

The distribution of relief goods by the Manresa School family may not be enough to all affected evacuees but the gesture of being in solidarity with the needs and the severe suffering of the evacuees gives a message of the shared values that foster common good. In that exposure we have witnessed a resilient society wherein the strong faith and trust in God helped the Taal evacuees cope with the present circumstances. The “ Bayanihan” spirit which is a Filipino value was evidently   seen in the three barangays we had visited .

While the alert level was lowered down to level 3, some of the evacuees were still hesitant to leave the evacuation centers. There are many affected families that can be assisted more by concerned Filipinos. With this reality, Manresa School family continues to support this fund drive campaign living the Maxim “ Tatak Manresa, Kapatid sa Kapwa “.



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