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Last January 12 to 19 was the pastoral visit to Bangladesh of Sr.Emelinda Falsis, Provincial Superior, accompanied by Sr. Lorna Genovate . Having encountered them as a community and as individual, the Sisters expressed those moments as:


“ a time of encouragement, affirmation, sharing of joys and pains of our personal journey in the mission. It was a time relishing the presence of each Sister, the heartfelt spirit of joy, love, hope and belongingness as one Body in our missionary journey”.

“ The community encounter was a time and space to see, appreciate and be thankful of our community in two presences as being strongly one in carrying out the mission entrusted to us”.

“ It was so inspiring and meaningful. I felt the love and support of the whole Boy Congregation through the visit” .

“ It was a relieving and encouraging moment”.

“ It was a unifying presence that carries actual care and love ” .

The visit for the Sisters was enriched by the encounters also with our ‘vocativas’, other Religious groups , Bishop Paul Ponen Kubi, the villagers and others .

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Srs. Lynn and Lorna were requested to give a short message to the group of English Intensive Course where our two vocation candidates have been participating.

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Srs. Lynn and Lorna met Tanya and Lakhi who were in  English Intensive Course.

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