Manresa School Celebrates FAMILY DAY with Joy and Thanksgiving

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1. MSFMindex      In spite of the COVID- 19 situation in the world, the educative community of Manresa School celebrated its Family day which turned out to be the closing activity of the school, characterized by a great sense of the “family spirit”. And looking back, because of the sudden cancellation of classes from March 10 to 14 due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, who would ever think that it would be the last day of school?

     While we are in the midst of this global concern, what dawned on us at the moment was a sense of appreciation to our Loving Lord Jesus Christ who blessed all of us and Manresa School to bring the families together in a very joyful fiesta gathering. PEACE, LOVE and UNITY are three values that made the Family Day a very significant and meaningful event, and we ended the SY 2019 – 2020 with a profound gratitude and great love to God our Almighty Father.

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     The annual celebration of the Family Day was successfully held last March 7 to 8, 2020 which was actively participated in by all members of the educative community. The theme of the Family Day is “PISTANG PINOY PARA SA PAMILYANG MANRESA”. All the activities really conveyed the message of the theme and it gave us a glimpse of our very rich cultural heritage.





     Since Manresa School is now 49 years, the students’ performances in the Philippine Festival dances was a kick – off activity for the coming 50th Anniversary of Manresa School on June 19, 2021, and it truly gave joy to the parents and guests. The wonderful dances of the Preschool pupils to Grade 10 students showcased the different colorful festivals of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where the charism of our dearest Mother Foundress St. Candida Maria de Jesus is present.

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In the two day activities, the parents witnessed their children’s excellence in performing arts as they shared their God – given talents in the Variety Show of the Senior High School students and  Music Got Talent of the Grade School to High School. The Philippine Fiesta was indeed felt by all members of the school. There were many surprises and fun – filled activities for all families and the kids.

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      The wholesome Volleyball games among the MSPA, MSFSO and the Alumni added color to the occasion. Moreover, the big gathering of families fostered and nurtured our culture as a family of Manresa School where one would experience a celebration of friendship, camaraderie and family bonding.

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      Manresa School celebrated the Family Day with joy and thanksgiving to God because of the strong partnerships of the school with the parents. The hard work and dedication of the officers of Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA) was certainly commendable. The parents auxiliary headed by the MSPA President Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Rolyn Sales and the rest of the Board of Directors and Section Representatives who patiently committed themselves in the long preparations and planning of the celebration with a main aim of bringing together the family in a very   festive occasion was truly edifying.

     The other organizations of the school namely Blessed Candida Maria Foundation (BCMF), Manresa School Alumni Association (MSAA), Manresa School Faculty and Staff organization (MSFSO), and Manresa School General Student Board (MSGSB) actively collaborated in the occasion.

    The fraternal spirit was indeed alive in Manresa School, and if our Mother Foundress St. Candida Ma. De Jesus were still alive, she would really be joyful in this extraordinary and blissful event. There was a huge crowd from the very first day of the Family Day on March 7, most especially in the celebration of the Holy Mass until the last evening on March 8 during the students’ Battle of the Bands and a mini concert of an invited DJ.

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    The celebration was also attended by many guests and it was even more joyful because of the presence of the Provincial Superior and former RCA, Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I., former RCA, Sr. Lorena V. Sevillo, F.I., and  former Principal – Directress, Sr. Lourdes M. Marzoña , F.I., and other F.I. Sisters from the Manresa Compound in Quezon City, and Manila Residence.