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Thanks for sending us the new website of Hijas de Jesus Indico
Pacific.  Musta, daming trabajo we are praying for all of you there.
Regards..Fe T
Thanks for updating us about what's going on in the GC. I am following the communications you are sending to us.Rest assured being one with you in prayers and spirit. God bless you all!!! Judith Campaniel 




Praise be to Mary who brings joy to us through her Son JESUS!

Jesus, the God we proclaim is indeed alive in our hearts !

Thank you to the Hijas de Jesus Congregation for sharing such a wonderful and meaningful faith experience of your Congregational events in Rome. As a lay collaborator of the IHS Congregation and sharing in the apostolic mission, I am very much pleased to read your news about the mission. And as I visited your website, it was a rejoicing spirit I feel deep within. Your sharing of enriching experiences in the different Congregational events gave a strong message of how God is ever present in all the Sisters of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation in the different parts of the world, sharing a common vision- mission. Thus, it truly echoes the universal spirit that radiates from all of you.

The news about the opening of the CG XVII and the process of deep prayers, personal reading and discernment on the state of the congregation and how the F.I. Sisters looked at the realities of the poverty in the world is a very touching moment as I read the news because it speaks of the strong stand of the Congregation in its evangelizing mission.

The opportunity to read news about the General Congregation is something for us lay collaborators to treasure, as we also take part in the evangelization and as we live in our Christian life God’s gift of faith. In confidence, I would say that the fruit of the GC VII will give us more hopes and inflame us, as we continue to journey in the evangelizing role which God entrusted to our care. Indeed, I feel God’s assurance that in everything we do for the mission, He is always there.

With gladness in my heart, thank you dear Mo. General Inez Furtado and the Sisters of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation for being instrumentals in our teaching vocation and our love for the educative mission.

Thank you for communicating with us thru the website the news about the Congregational events. It is also a source of our inspiration in the shared mission in school.

May our Almighty God shower you more spiritual blessings and love in your GC VII convention.

With love and prayers,

Aida A. Gomez, Philippines


Greetings !  I have seen the news from The GC XVII in our   page (Indio. Pacifico), We are praying for all of you there...take care..

from Sr. Leoly Quitorio, FI


Congratulations!  Rest assured of our prayers.  May our Lady and Mo. Candida  accompany you till the end of the celebration.  Take care and regards.  Sr.Lorna and Hijas de Jesus, Manila


Thanks, ang ganda! Maraming salamat! We are praying for you. Anna Cinco