"GO INTO THE WHOLE WORLD & PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE." (Mk.6:15-20) St. Mark, the Evangelist (Feast)

FM in this time of COVID-19 stands for: Face Mask or Food & Medicine

Today, FM stands for: Feast of Mark!

As COVID-19 marks a great part in our history, we are invited by God, like St. Mark, to take part & to make a mark in HIS STORY.

"Go & proclaim the Gospel!" Jesus commands the disciples (the Eleven).

While the virus is spreading, make the Gospel "viral." COVID-19 must be stopped though,

but NCOV: N-ews (about) C-hrist O-ur V-ictor (in death) must continue!


Lion (like St. Mark's symbol) is considered to be the king of the jungle. A king must always wear a crown. For whatever reason, for us FM means Faithful Mark of Jesus Christ the King, who wore the crown of thorns for us to be saved is our mark.

We are to take part in the suffering of Jesus. Suffering is like our "quarantine pass" to heaven where sin is isolated (even defeated) so that grace can come in. Suffering marks our being a true Christian disciple. But this does not end here. Faith assures us that if there is a "crown of suffering," there is also a "crown of glory."

In prayer & through God's grace & mercy, we are just waiting for our "corona"tion.

Where Face Mask is needed, a Faithful Mark is a must!