ECQ + L = Enhanced Community's Quality Living



The Enhanced Community Quarantine, a situation of the world brought about by Covid-19, has done so much newness that will probably become part of the new normal, even after this corona virus has been hopefully overcome later.

One specific area of human interaction is the physical distancing that requires at least one meter distance from and to the next  person, in a particular situation, even in homes and communities,

For the Mater Dei Residence, the ECQ has become ECQL which is translated as: Enhanced Community's Quality Living, an effect of ECQ.

So even with physical distancing, the sisters  

are closer than ever;

have more time together;

pray more fervently, even when the Holy Mass is on-line;

have more quality prayer and reflection moments;

are more socially aware, concerned and responsive,

     in whatever way possible, to the situation around us;

listen more intently;

share about life’s experiences more intimately;

laugh more readily;

sing more heartedly;

work more joyfully;

enjoy recreation more merrily;

eat with more relish;

have longer “sobre mesa”;

read favourite books with more focus;

have longer walks under the morning sun;

have more leisurely evening strolls in the garden to pray the rosary or chat;

have more time to tend the garden and admire flowers;

become more creative...

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