Mater Dei Residence with Mary in the Month of May.

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At a time when the world is dim and grey, may the light of Mother Mary continue to shine through this month that is hers as we read, prayed over and shared our insights and experiences on “ficha #3”.

 Here is a glimpse of how the sisters are in Mater Dei, and below are what they said…

To be a daughter like Mary is to walk with God, as an ageing daughter in the midst of this new era and continue living His word, “I am with you”. Sr. Aida Jallorina

Like Mary, to walk in faith, to learn to trust in a God does not abandon us, especially in times of darkness. Sr. Catherine Cheong

Being a daughter of the Father, I am called to fully trust in Him, believing that everything that comes from Him is a gift. Sr. Emelinda Falsis.

During the days that I reflected on Mary, an authentic daughter of the Father, a woman of real discernment, I felt joy in being deepened in our charismatic identity. Always attuned to God’s will, Mary said Yes promptly, inspiring me to be like her, waiting, praying and entrusting everything to God, our loving Father, who loves us as his daughters. Sr. Felicidad de Jesus

Being a daughter of the Father, may I be like Mary in her total trust and confidence that made her always ready to say “Yes” to the will of Father. Sr. Lee Uera

“Let it be done”- a disposition of total trust, believing that He fulfills his promise and has always the last say. Sr. Lorna Genovate

Mary’s Yes is a sign of encouragement in following Jesus Christ. With her attitude of listening and waiting in hope helps us to trust in the will of the Father. Mary Mae Santorce, NFI

Mary’s yes to the Father, “let it be done to me according to your word” has changed the history of humanity. Her attitude of availability teaches me to do the will of God, and by being open to God’s will with trust and confidence.   Sr. Nilda Paloma



O Mary, our Mother, the first disciple in her example of faith and trust, continue to show us the way to Jesus and the Father. Amen.