In the history of human existence the emergence of an epidemic had caused tremendous negative consequences in the lives of the people. The coming of COVID-19 throughout the world had brought great sufferings, fears, uncertainties, insecurities, anxieties, worries and even death.


The proclamation of the quarantine in the Philippines forced everybody to stay at home. After a month of living in this unusual situation the members of the BEC in Fourth Estate were so desirous to meet to continue their sessions but it was impossible to do so because group gathering is strictly prohibited. When some of the members called up Ms. Remia Sibayan, one of the facilitators of the BEC, and presented their earnest desire, she took their plea to heart. She asked enlightenment from Mother Foundress and she immediately got the response. It dawned to her mind to hold the BEC session by family. So she and Sr. Florencia Constantino, F.I. prepared the module as guide for every session.

The Module is composed of the Word of God taken from the Gospel of the current Sunday, commentary about the Gospel and guide for personal reflection. The first module was sent to the families of the BEC members through messenger the middle of May 2020. Immediately each member started the session with her respective family and from then on they were consistent in holding their BEC session every Sunday.

It was amazing and consoling to know that the Family BEC did not only strengthen the family bond but above all their faith life and had heightened their love for God and for one another.






One positive impact of the COVID19 is that it became an instrument of God to bring His Word to the families that brought great changes in the lives of the family members through their closeness to God. Now it is not only one member in the family, usually the mother, who attends the BEC session every Sunday or Sunday but all the members of the family. What a special gift from the Lord!

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Typical Family Altars where they gather to pray:

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