We offer You, Almighty Father, all that we are,
For Your loving care for us is beyond measure;
Everyday you let the sun shine to give us light,
You pour down your abundant rain to give us life.

We offer You Lord, each glance that we cast,
To every person with tenderness that never lasts;
A loving gaze that is encouraging and hope-giving;
To someone whose spirit is down with grieving.

We offer you, Holy Spirit all that we are,
As we speak with wisdom to those who are confused;
Your comforting words that to their hearts You infused,
Enlighten their minds and enliven their spirit.

We offer You, Father every step that we take, with compassion 
To reach out to our brothers and sisters in distress;
Getting out of our comforts zones to walk with them;
To ease their struggles and lighten their burden.

We offer You, ever-caring Jesus all that we are,
As we extend our helping hands to those who are excluded;
Marginalized, abandoned, and rejected ;
From Your perfect example we learned the beautiful art,
Of caring and accompanying our brothers and sisters with a loving heart.

Glory and thanksgiving to You, ever-caring Father,
Honor and praise to You, ever-loving Jesus;
Praise and exultation to You, Spirit of wisdom and love,
Adoration, worship and thanksgiving to You most Holy Trinity
Forever and ever. Amen.