Brief History of Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus

On June 27, 1936, Bishop McCloskey accepted the proposal of the Hijas de Jesus to open a school near a poor parish. With the help and support of Fr. Lorenzo Rogan, parish priest of Tanza, Iloilo City, the school continued to grow. Death and destruction caused by the WW II did not hinder the sisters as they tried to rebuild after the war.

Colegio de Santo Angel was the name given to the school as it was believed that the Holy Angels will protect the children who will study there. Later, the name was changed to Colegio de la Hijas de Jesus, carrying the name of the Sisters who administer and run it.

The school started with 55 pupils enrolled in Kinder, Grades I and II . Grade V opened the following year in 1938, Grade VI in 1939 and First Year high school in 1940.