A Brief History of Lasang

Msgr. Antonio Mabutas, the Archbishop of Davao made a request to the Provincial Superior of Hijas de Jesus to work among the Tribal Filipinos in Malabog. March 22,1993 was the day the request was approved by the Superior General, Ines Laso.

The pioneer sisters were integrated with the Stella Maris Community in Davao City while the preparation for the house was going on. Finally, on June 9, 1993, the new community went to their new house, a new foundation and a new mission. They embarked on their mission: the human and spiritual formation of the Lumads in Malabog. They were able to put up centers for Nonformal Education for the Adults as well as Kinder School for the Lumad children which is an on-going ministry. They collaborate with NGOs and Gds in the promotion of the indigenous people.

On March 2007, after a thorough study and discernment, the provincial Government deemed it more practical to move the community to a nearer place named Lasang.