Fraternal Sharing Via Google Meet by the Provincial Government with the Local Superiors

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Today, July 25, the Local Superiors had a heart-warming and fraternal sharing with Sr. Emelinda Falsis and members of the Provincial government as well as some invited sisters.



 3. PGVM

It was the first time for them to have a virtual meeting via google meet.  While there was a need for some adjustments at first, things went smoothly after Sr. Lynn flashed the guidelines for online meetings.

Sharing was done with a lot of openness and honesty.  The Superiors got to affirm one another, learn from one another, rejoice with one another's blessings, pray for one another's difficulties.  We are journeying forward....for some, more slowly, for others, faster and more steadily.  But in the end, as Sr. Lynn said, in the midst of the pandemic we are all "experiencing our human fragility and that we are not in control of anything.  We have to simply TRUST, TRUST and TRUST" and to become WOMEN OF HOPE.