Manresa School Revised Vision-Mission Statement


The In-service Training (InSeT) 2020 for Manresa School faculty and staff was officially launched last June 1, 2020. With the theme BOUNCE (acronym for Believe, Overcome, Update, Nurture, Commit, and Excel) InSeT 2020 encouraged, united, and inspired all faculty and staff to collaborate as one and to contribute together in surpassing all difficulties encountered in this present situation of pandemic.

“A product of the collaborative efforts of the entire Manresa School family…”


For Manresa School family, there was no better way to bounce back than strengthening the foundation of the institution’s existence – its Vision and Mission.

The members of the administration started re-evaluating the existing vision – mission last January 17 – 19, 2020 in the light of the stand of the church on New Evangelization, recent trends in education, the current thrusts and direction of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation, and the present-day realities and challenges. Further discussions and reflections on this matter were conducted through a series of meetings with other stakeholders in February. Then, the revised Vision – Mission was finalized and approved by the BOT in May 2020. Finally, it was presented to the community in June to emphasize once again the common goals and aspirations of the school.

The revised version was, indeed, a product of the collaborative efforts of the entire Manresa School family, with representatives from the students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and sisters.

Throughout the month of June, the life of Mo. Foundress Saint Candida Maria de Jesus and some other documents of the Congregation were also discussed. Moreover, carefully crafted in-service training programs with the alternate scheme of onsite or school-based and home-based or online schedule have been followed and successfully realized. Teachers and coordinators generously shared with one another all their researches and learning discoveries on the use of different platforms during their online Professional Learning Conference.

Additionally, all the teachers and coordinators including the sisters and office heads actively attended the technology training on video recording, editing, and other preparations needed for Online Distance Learning.

As June ended, planning and designing of online instructional materials took place. In the beginning of July in-service training, teachers worked on designing, editing, and reproducing instructional materials.

True to its vision and mission, all these preparations were expressions of the school’s commitment “to the integral Christian formation of children and youth into mature Christians” who will be the future’s “responsible leaders, and useful members of society and church.” 

The vision-mission statement will be the school’s guiding light in bouncing back from the setbacks caused by the pandemic.