PEARL 1: "sin padecer, no puede ser."


Dear Friends of Mo. Candida's Family,

In the published Letters of Mother Foundress, No 1, Volume 1, there is a text, translated into English by Sr. Isabel Perez, that goes like this: "To be an Hija de Jesus and not to suffer much is impossible.  Jesus suffered so much...So it is not surprising that His daughters suffer for Him." 

The phrase in Spanish is very famous among the Hijas de Jesus of my generation:  "sin padecer, no puede ser."

Antonio Grau acknowledges that someone reminded them that pain is part of being human....but that serenity and trust is difficult when one is in suffering.  However he begins to believe that suffering can the beginning of one's "becoming...” of "being...."

What are your thoughts about suffering and how have you borne it?  

Have you received it in bitterness, or have you embraced it as a part of life?

How has it molded you, your attitudes, and your actuations?