Pearl 4: “be charitable to one another…


     ...lift up your hearts and minds to heaven”

      Letter No. 4 is addressed to Petra Pernavieja, who went to seek relief and treatment for acute rheumatic pain in the hot springs of Ledesma, away from Salamanca.



     She was accompanied by Sr. Gertrudis Garcia. In it, MF shows her loving concern, but tells them to “be charitable to one another…and to lift up their minds and hearts to heaven continually.”


     Antonio Grau in his reflection writes: “much charity”…even when we think we cannot, even when we think we should not…much charity.


     Then he goes on to say “lift up your hearts and minds to heaven.” It makes me think of the times I walk alone looking at the ground. How many hits and how many missed opportunities to do better than to be looking like this.


Reflection questions:

$·         The exercise of charity is often not easy. What is the driving force behind our “doing more,” “inspite of” and “being the better version of ourselves” even if we don’t feel like it? To whom do we exercise this charity? And for whom?


$·        What similar experiences, realizations and insights do you have from his reflection on “lifting one’s hearts and minds to heaven?” His was a very practical and down-to-earth realization.