MS Capacity-building Activities and Trainings


    As Manresa School shifts to Online Distance Learning for school year 2020-2021, the preparation and empowerment of the teachers in the execution of this new modality is a vital concern which the school readily addressed.

Teachers have to be equipped with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the new modality of teaching and have to be prepared pedagogically, especially in the utilization of technology in instruction.





In response to this need, a series of comprehensive and intensive technology training was conducted during the in-service training in June. All the teachers and coordinators including the sisters and office heads actively attended the technology training. Spearheaded by the school’s Education Technology In-charge, the technology training prepared the participants on how to navigate and manage the Learning Management System (LMS), how to record and edit videos, how to produce online tutorials, and other preparations needed for Online Distance Learning.

As the month of June ended, planning and designing of online instructional materials took place. In the beginning of July, teachers started to work on designing, recording, editing, and reproducing instructional materials, applying what they learned in the training on the previous month. More trainings, updating, discovery learning, and skill enhancement continued as the days went by. All these helped the teachers BOUNCE back with the spirit of love for the mission, with dedication and commitment to offer quality education.

Demonstration teaching and simulation classes in the different subject areas started, as well. The teachers exerted much effort in the new mode of delivering the lessons to the students and continued to learn and discover more new ways of using systematically and effectively the various technology apps and tools.

As the opening of classes in August is nearly approaching, Manresa dedicates its efforts to prepare not only the teachers but also all its learners and their parents. Series of orientations for students and parents and technology trainings are set to be done in August. Part of the preparation is to provide psychosocial activities by the Guidance Office to be given to all learners. It hopes to prepare better the learners for the new way of learning and to keep the balance in offering the Online Distance Learning as the new normal. Below are the schedules of trainings and orientations:

July 28, 2020 Grade School Parents’ Orientation

July 29, 2020 Junior High School Parents’ Orientation

July 30, 2020 Senior High School Parents’ Orientation

August 3-7, 2020 Orientation for New Students

Technology Training for Students

August 10-14, 2020 Psychosocial Activities for Pupils

ODL Dry run for Students

August 17-20, 2020 Learning Management Orientation for Students

August 24, 2020 Opening of Classes