MS Health Protocols and Safety Measures

1.Dr. Ayo     

Facing the new normal in the field of education, Manresa School commits to the goal of delivering accessible, liberating, safe, and quality basic education services in these critical times with given priority on the health and safety of all the stakeholders. protocols 

The school strictly implemented the prescribed Return-to-work Interim Guidelines by screening all returning employees. All returning employees - administrators, office personnel, coordinators, and teachers underwent rapid testing. To ensure health and safety of the workplace, after the rapid antibody test for COvid-19 was conducted, the school doctor, Dr. Joseph Ayo gave an orientation session on Manresa School Workplace Prevention and Control Measures.

Moreover, other precautionary measures were implemented by the school, in compliance with the risk-based public health standards set by DOH, sector-specific policies and plans by LGUs, and other relevant rules and regulations by the Department of Education. These measures include the following:
• Survey of the health status of the reporting employees was done to ensure that everyone is in good health;
• The workplace layout was modified to ensure observance of physical distancing requirements;
• Wearing of face masks, taking of body temperature, and other health standards protocols were implemented;
• Sanitizers/alcohol were made available along corridors, stairways, conference room, wash area, and toilets;
• Foot baths were placed before the entrance of the school;
• Signages, floor markings, and other reminders were placed around the campus; and
• Stress debriefing and other support mechanisms were provided to the employees.


For this year, the school believes that the health services of the school stand as an essential and relevant service while the pandemic is not yet over. Thus, School Clinic will continue to issue regular bulletins to the entire community regarding self-care and general health. Updates regarding the pandemic and tips on how to keep oneself healthy will also be made available. Throughout the school year, the school physician will monitor the situation in the school, securing that the workplace is safe. The School Clinic likewise will offer medical assistance, emergency check-ups, and online consultation to learners. It takes charge of issuing health protocols and safety measures, and ensuring that these are implemented well.