Pearl 5: “Pray much and be very united”


Pearl 5: “Pray much and be very united”

We are still on prayer No. 4. The recipients are Petra Pernavieja and Gertrudis Garcia. She urges them to “pray much and be very united.” “Mucha oracion y union”

Antonio Grau reflects on “prayer understood as continuous presence, as life, as something that we do in daily life. Prayer as necessary to continue with the work that each one discovers in life. Prayer of help and gratitude, of moments that we don’t understand, of involuntary stumbles, of actions that need forgiveness in order to be understood.”

In prayer we feel united to God, and then, to one another

Reflection questions:

·   -    How familiar are we with God? Do we have an easy comfortable relationship where we can tell Him anything, everything? Or do we come before Him all solemn and formal, telling Him only what we think He wants to hear?

·         In what instances do we find ourselves most on our knees?