Pearl 6: “Take care of yourselves...


... for God’s sake, don’t get sick.”

         In Spanish this reads us “Cuidaros mucho, por Dios, no sea que pongais malas.”


This line, found in Letter no. 6, was addressed to the community of Peñaranda, the second community and school that Mother Foundress opened after Salamanca.



Antonio Grau reflects on this: “Taking care of the body to have good health is something important for Mother Candida, since she suffered a lot for her health and understood that being well meant one could do more for the glory of God, as she said.”



Then he goes on to say, “Caring for the body, but without going overboard, spending all of one’s effort and all the time focusing on the body as an idol, to dedicate all the minutes and all the attention to the same and forget that there is something more important than our own body.”


And then he thinks of what we today call the “frontliners.”  He says, “A special remembrance for those who, far from home, dedicate their time to healing the body of others at the risk of losing their own body, but in exchange for gaining something more important - happiness here and eternal life there.


Reflection questions:


·         Have we ever told our bodies that we are thankful for helping us function well? And if a part fails, do we tell it lovingly that we will take care of it? Its gratitude to our body which we often take for granted.


·         Not all of us are gifted with health. For those who are healthy, what thoughts and insights do you have about this great gift?



·         And for those of us who suffer with poor health, where do we see the hand of the Lord in our not so perfect bodies?

$        What does He tell us in all this?