Manresa Residence, Parañaque Celebrates the End of Phase 2

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     The Sisters at Manresa Residence, BF Homes, Parañaque City, celebrated the end of the reflection and sharing on the 2nd Phase of Reflection of the GC XVIII Determination - The Evangelical Poverty, which was well expressed through a Poem composed by Sr. Florencia Constantino, F.I. entitled:



Eternal and ever-loving Creator of heaven and earth,

In your divine plan you brought our Congregation-to birth.

Choosing a humble woman to be its Foundress,

To keep the well-being of the whole Body healthy and make it flourish.


The 18th General Congregation took Evangelical Poverty, the only Determination,

The fruit of assiduous discernment and common inspiration.

The enlightenment received from the Spirit of wisdom and love,

Became a true channel of our life and active power from heaven above.


Truly Lord, it is your dream, to make more visible our charismatic identity,

Therefore, it is imperative to sustain the well-being of the Body and enhance its vitality.

The radical living of Evangelical Poverty is the real channel to fulfill your desire,

With the constant stirrings of the Holy Spirit, our hearts were set on fire.


Integral ecology gives us a new vision of the world and creation,

That inspires and stirs us to be truly responsible for the care of the common home.

It invites us to be agents of reconciliation and healing touch of relationships,

And urges us to be welcoming, more hospitable, and to foster fraternal friendship.


Lord, you always remind us that Evangelical Poverty has restored our consecrated life to what is essential,

And the Congregation is encouraging us to live our poverty truly evangelical.

Mother Foundress also reminds us that poverty is the true source of our freedom,

And equip us with the ability to appreciate and to choose what God wants.


Recovering the radicality of Evangelical Poverty is an urgency,

A charismatic healing in order to grow in the well-being of the Body.

Therefore, we ask the grace to discover the new face of our charismatic identity,

As an effective response to the cry of the world today.


The Incarnation of Jesus, calls us to share with him his filial - fraternal spirit fully,

To become authentic Daughters of Jesus and assume his life of poverty.

For we are called to embrace the poverty of Christ, our wealth and happiness,

And Mother Foundress had instilled in our minds, that our poverty has in Jesus, its rootedness.


Evangelical Poverty, for Mother Foundress, is to go to live and proclaim the Gospel,

Therefore, our availability demands real courage to go out of our very self.

Towards the most needy and to be bold to reach the frontiers of the current world,

To bring the message of Christ to our brothers and sisters who are thirsting for His Word.


Let us keep assiduous and consistent our interior itinerancy,

The right path we have to take in our spiritual journey;

Faithfully living our vow of Evangelical Poverty radically,

That will surely usher us to the highest peak of sanctity.



Some creative expressions of the ending reflection...


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