Pearl 7: “May God be blessed...


... He always loves and protects us.”

Dios sea bendito, que tanto nos ama y nos protege siempre.”


Letter no. 7 is addressed to Doña Francisca “Paca” Garces, the sister-in-law of Fr. Herranz. In this rather long letter, Mother Foundress tells her of her foundation, her concerns, bits and pieces of what happened to her. Towards the end of the letter, we have this saying.


Antonio Grau says: “May God be blessed always.” Why? Simply because he loves us and always protects us. Sufficient reasons to bless, sufficient reasons to thank Him with this expression that, repeated naturally, makes us remember or discover reasons to go on, to make our lives have a little more meaning.


Reflection questions:

·         Mother Foundress did not have an easy life, but she found a million and one reasons to constantly bless God. After praying over this, what reasons have we found to bless and thank God for, which many times do not rise to our consciousness due to our busy lives?


·         How does it feel, what does it mean to have a Father who always loves and protects us?


·         Can you remember instances when you felt His love and protection?