Pearl 8: “(You know) how present you are in my prayers.”

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                 Lo presente que estais siempre en mis oraciones.”

This hidden pearl comes from Letter 8. The letter was written to Paca Garces, the good friend of Mother Candida and the sister-in-law of Fr. Herranz. After ending the letter, she writes a few lines to Paca’s daughter Vicenta, whom she fondly called Vicentina, and in the two short paragraphs written to the young girl, we find this pearl.


Antonio Grau says: “…prayer as a precursor to the best internet networks, with the best “server” that exists.” Then he goes on…”Knowing that someone prays for you, remembers you before God, is simply discovering and feeling that you are not alone. It is overcoming the barriers of space and time and recognizing yourself how blessed you are. Knowing that far away, many kilometers away, there is a community in whose prayers you are remembered is something great. It leads you to give thanks and not to be paralyzed.” [paraphrase is mine]

Reflection questions:

·         What is the feeling of being remembered? Of knowing that you are not forgotten in the prayers of someone?

·         How does it feel that you are always gazed upon by God, who never for a moment forgets you?

·         How does it feel to pray for another, and to be the recipient of another’s prayers? Does it ot unite us at the very depths?

·         Pause for a moment and stay in the awe and wonder of being “remembered always.”