Pearl 9: “Trabajar mucho por la gloria de Jesus.”

 Pearl 9

                 To work much for the glory of God.”

Letter 9 is the source of our pearl. It was a letter written to Sr. Antonia Robles. Towards the end, Mother Foundress said she hoped Sr. Antonia would recover soon, so that she could work hard for the glory of God. From historical records, we know that Sr. Antonia, just like Mother Foundress, had poor health.


“To work with a purpose, says Antonio Grau, and then he recalls this famous story: “It’s the story of some masons, in France back in the Middle Ages, who were splitting stones, on the slopes of the main roads, for the construction of the Notre Dame cathedral.

It was noontime, and the masons performed this hard task under with rhythmic blows under a scorching sun with rhythmic blows. Someone passed by and asked the first mason, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Don’t you see that I am splitting stones?’ - he answered while continuing to work with his heavy hammer accompanied by an expression of contempt and protest at the same time.

He walked on and asked another, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Well it's evident, this is how I earn a living, the daily bread for myself and my family’ – the second mason said with resignation.’

A little later, the person saw a third mason and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Don’t you see?’ responded the third mason, ‘we are building the Cathedral of Notre Dame!’” Antonio Grau ends his reflection saying, “There are many ways of working, but one that is good is to work much for the glory of God.”


$·         The story shows us the different perspectives by which we view our work and our life. How do we see the daily tasks that we have to do and the work assigned to us? As something I have to do? As my identity? As my contribution to the mission? As an expression of love in helping build God’s Kingdom?

$·         Do we see the honor and dignity in whatever we do? That sweeping the floor and keeping the house clean is as honorable as sitting in a Principal’s office with the many decisions to make – if the aim is to show the Lord how much we love Him?