We were separated by seas, oceans, continents and islands. We had different time zones. But with one click, we found ourselves sharing one spatial reality. Yes, thanks to the  Information Technology, we were able to meet with Mother General, Graciela Francovig, for the first time and, for three hours! What joy it brought into each other’s heart!



September 4, seven local superiors of the Indico-Pacific Province, together with the Provincial Government, had a formation session with Mother General on the topic, "Spirituality of Care: A necessary principle/attitude in the act of governance especially during this time of pandemic”. September 5, just with Sr. Emelinda Falsis and the Provincial Government, there was a sharing of information/updates regarding the Province, meaning, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Japan.

With Mother General


Speaking both in Spanish and English, Mother General said that the above topic was one of the challenges posed to us by the 18th General Congregation and it was good to have one understanding of the topic. She then presented a power point drawing a lot of references from our Constitutions, Determination, Church documents and from the Jesuits.

After her talk, she asked what words resonated in our hearts. From our responses, she told us she was happy that we got the essential words that the General Government would like to transmit and from there she expounded on each word. She emphasized once again the vital role of the local superiors in governance as they are the ones “in touch with daily life”. She said there are many challenges, thus, the need for dialogue, discernment, etc. in order to know the will of God in the midst of this change of epoch.

Having experienced the three levels of government (local, Provincial, General) this past one and a half years, she said, “I express my understanding and solidarity with you. The challenges and difficulties are part of our following of Christ. I will try to help….” Such parting words greatly warmed our hearts for we felt she indeed has “the heart”.

With the Provincial Government



The next day, there were presentations on the state of our Apostolic Centers in this pandemic times; likewise, presentations on economic matters and formation. It was followed by an open forum. It was very helpful indeed as all the superiors had a greater panorama of the Province, recognized similarities and differences in the midst of plurality and yet felt the unity, love and commitment for the mission.

We thank Mother General for sharing her precious time with us, her animation and “closeness” in spite the distance. We thank Sr. Lyn for initiating the two-day activity and the collaboration of all who made it possible. Yes, the pandemic has caused many challenges in our lives, but it has also brought greater creativity and dynamism in our being Hijas de Jesus as we are, today! O Holy Spirit, continue to weave your way to manifest God’s plans for us!