Pearl 10: “May we all be true Hijas de Jesus.”


           “Espero que seas verdaderas Hijas de Jesus”

We are still on Letter 9. In the last part of her letter, Mother Foundress writes down this expression which we will see in many of her other letters – her wish that her daughters be true, authentic Hija de Jesus. Antonio Grau reflected on this phrase, even as he pondered over the question of being a real, authentic Christian, and here is his gem:


“Living the coherence and authenticity of your personal vocation is living joyfully with the decision you have freely made. It is living the day to day of our life together, shoulder to shoulder, because we share the same mission; is to remove much of the professionalism that floods us in our ‘home’ and live as authentic Christians.”


$·         A vocation is a calling to a way of life. Take this time to look deeply into whether I have been conscious of this call, first as a Christian….to rejoice in it and to see if I have responded to it accordingly.

$·         And then I ponder this question: To be lay or religious, single or married…have I been conscious that this has been a choice I made? A choice freely taken? Do I relish having been given the gift of freedom to choose my path and remember the many others for whom this kind of freedom has been curtailed and taken away?

$·         What aspect of my life do I wish to live with coherence and authenticity?