Web Administration Workshop via GoogleMeet

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     Today, September 12, 2020, is a wonderful day to have a google meet. Long-distance is not a hindrance for us to meet and learn. The workshop on website administration, which was facilitated by Sr. Lee Uera, F.I.

and was participated in by Sr. Rachel Bade, from Cebu; Sr. Lory LosbaƱes, F.I. from Utrail, Binisiri, Bangladesh; Sr. Erna Biyo, F.I. from CIC, Pototan, Iloilo; Sr. Alma Mae Zarriz, F.I.  and Sr. Mary Mae Santorce, F.I.From Manresa School; and Sr. Florie May Llorando, F.I. from Maasin, Iloilo.


We learned how to publish news articles on the WEB, upload, and edit pictures that suit the WEB system. As a bonus, Sr. Lee taught us how to print screen, crop pictures, and paste it to PowerPoint and save it as JPEG to the picture file.

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2 webpage training


It was an interesting experience for us because although our current and internet were on and off, nevertheless we were able to grasp our objective on how to publish our news on our website from the different apostolic centers.

Thank you very much, Sr. Lee. We truly learned and enjoyed every moment of it.  But the most important is that we were able to see each other defying the distances among us. This is how God's love made it possible for us.