Pearl 11: “Blessed be God forever”


                 Bendito sea por siempre.”

We are now on Letter 10. This expression Mother Foundress writes that it was dark and she could hardly see, so she might be writing outside the line. Her letter gives us hints of some problems, among them the shortage of personnel, so the sisters in the school concerned had to arrange it in the best way possible.

“Blessing always means that you trust Him even when, sometimes, you don't understand much, “is what Antonio Grau says his reflection. “To bless despite it ‘being so dark, that I can't see and I don't know if might be writing outside the line’ (cited from the Letter of MF itself.)

When things get dark, when sometimes you don't know if you are ‘writing outside the line,’ when one can't see clearly ... bless and of course trust. And so I discover that we must continue writing and that God will take care of putting things within the line if necessary.


$·         This reflection is about trust, and blessing God when sometimes it is hard to see, and hard to trust. What is an experience of darkness for you, when you had nothing to hold on to except to trust in Him?

$·         And for those of us who are still experiencing the darkness, learning to trust and bless Him always brings us some gifts for the heart…some consolation, peace, strength, a determination to go on, courage…. how is it with you?