The FI Sisters Visit the Family of Tengsua Rema

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        Do you remember Thengsua Rema? She was one of those mentioned in the previous article as an ‘observer’ to the life and mission of the FI in Bangladesh through the one month ‘Come and See ‘ program.

After finishing the month-long experience, she opted to continue following her desire to be in Religious Life by undergoing formal accompaniment in the pre-formal Aspirancy stage. 

 Before starting the next stage of the journey in her formation, the Sisters went to visit her family. On September 11, Srs. Eufemia Solleza, Lory Losbaῇes, Malou Guillano, and Helen Catangcatang went to their village in Pirgacha parish. 


Tengsua Rema

How beautiful and peaceful was their place! How gracious were Thengsua’s family members! When the father, mother, grandmother, and other members of the family were asked how they feel and think about Thengsua's desire to pursue her vocation in the Religious Life,  they were all unanimous in their response: “ Eta khub bhalo, amra khub khusi, Isshorer iccha thakbe”. “ We feel very good, we are very happy, the will of God be done”

The parents and the grandmother 

The parish priest and his assistant came with two Holy Cross Sisters working in the parish to meet the FI Sisters and blessed Thengsua for her intention.

The Sisters on their part are happy to accompany Thengsua with their prayers and gestures of concrete love, care, and guidance for her. May GOD WILL IT.