Pearl 13: “In Him we have everything



              "... and without Him everything we have is lost.”

                 En El todo lo tenemos y sin El todo lo tenemos perdido.”


We are now in Letter no. 13 where we find the famous catch phrase of Mother Foundress made into a song, a sort of “national anthem” among the hymns and prayers in our apostolic centers. It is also in this letter where she talks about a faith that is alive, and that everything passes away but only God suffices. It’s a long letter with a lot of information in it, but for now we go to Antonio Grau’s reflection.


He says asks: “Today, what does ‘having’ mean? When does one have everything? What is to have ‘everything?’ Then he answers his own question: “To have everything is to live happily, without the heart feeling oppressed or imprisoned. It is living freely, with willing hands. It is simply…living.”



$·         Do I live? Or do I simply exist?

$·         What is it to “live” today, even in the midst of the situation we are in?

$·         What is it to “live fully” in Jesus, and with Him? How does our relationship with Him change the way we see things, the attitude we have in our approach to things and life?