Pearl 12: “I am at peace ..."




"... because I see in it the will of God.”

                 Yo estoy tranquila, porque asi veo la voluntad de Dios.”


In Letter 11 we find a growing Congregation with not enough personnel to fill in all the needs. Not all things go smoothly. Decisions have to be made, sometimes on what one would like to have, at other times, accepting situations that one cannot change. That is where we find Mother Foundress’ Pearl.


And here is part of the reflection of Antonio Grau: To discover God's will in the midst of noise is quite difficult. It is necessary to seek silence in order to listen, and not to isolate oneself and not want to know anything about others….We may not see God with the eyes of our body, but we certainly see God with the eyes of the heart, which also see



$·         Do I carve out a little time from my busy schedule to sit, quiet down and listen?


$·         What voices do I hear?


$·         How do we distinguish God’s will from my own and from other voices? Fr. Green, SJ, the late great spiritual director often insisted on spending time, “wasting it” with the Lord. And in time we distinguish the different voices, and even messages and inspirations that come in whispers and silences.