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      "Release… Reflect… Recover! Let’s Bounce to Wellness." With this theme, the Guidance Center embarked on psychosocial activities that help our students deal with their reactions to varied overwhelming situations brought to them by the pandemic.


1.psychosocial activities

     The lockdown did not only give them more time to wake up late in the morning, do things that they love to do, connect with family members, boredom, etc. but also a cycle of negative emotions and thoughts looping in their heads.

     Other than this, there is a new normal, especially changes in the new mode of learning, that they will have to face this school year. The stress and anxiety all these bring will take toll in their mental health if they are not helped to deal with them.

     The series of psychosocial activities conducted last August 10 – 21, 2020 gave our students the opportunity to look into their feelings, talk about them with their classmates and get validated that most of them felt the same way. They were led to realize how a crisis challenges one’s tolerance and patience that brings one to get easily angry, irritated, scared and anxious, making it ok not to be ok in a terrible situation like the lockdown.

     Reflecting on their experiences made them appreciate the moment and recognize the blessings of being safe, having their family to take care of them and the opportunity to go back to school to study and learn. When they worry and feel helpless whenever their parents have to go out of the house to buy food or work (some are front liners) many of them turned to prayer and put all their trust in our heavenly Father who loves and will take care.

      Feedback from the students showed how excited they were to have a class that talked about themselves and made them feel good. One student shared how self-care is not selfishness because it is draining to put others first than oneself and now realized that she should fill her cup first to be able to offer more to others without feeling exhausted.

     Others learned how a proper mindset and attitude and support from other people can make one overcome anything. During an activity, a grade 2 student wanted to tell corona virus to stop infecting people and to go away because she wants to go out and play. Some parents expressed their appreciation for Manresa School to have these sessions. Some shared how their children have become more jolly after talking and understanding their emotions.

     For the counselors, it was heartwarming to see the students learn from each other as they listened to their stories and gained insights from the activities. It feels good to have facilitated this experience for them to gain positive thoughts that they can use to lighten up their worrisome days ahead. It is our prayer that they carry the lessons learned in real life.